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Questions Most SMB’s Forget to Ask

Questions Most SMB’s Forget to Ask

Most small businesses still rely on their traditional media (print, yellow pages, radio, television) to reach their target audience.  For some, building a website is no more important than printing a brochure.  As more consumers in their target audience make the switch from searching in traditional yellow pages / print to online media, they are now seeking online advertisements.

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One great feature of online marketing is that it is full of data – if […]

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What is a Conversion?

All websites must ‘do something.’  The something could be anything from providing information, driving online sales, lead generation, or bringing customers into a brick and mortar location.  The great thing about online marketing is the ability to gauge performance without the extensive development of a response model (as done with traditional marketing programs).

If done correctly, online marketers have a large amount of data and metrics at their disposal to track a campaign and develop a response model effortlessly.  One of […]

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