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Google Analytics #1 Mistake – Incorrect Default Page

Google Analytics #1 Mistake – Incorrect Default Page

Setting the default page for your Website is a very simple process in Google Analytics, that greatly enhances the quality of the reporting data.  The default page for a Website is the page shown to a visitor when they visit your Website by typing in your domain through their browser’s address bar.  For instance, if you were to type “ into your browser my server returns index.php.  Index.php will not show in your address bar because it is […]

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Auto Update Copyright Tag

It seems like outdated copyright tags in the footer of Websites are becoming an increasing issue online. Here are a couple of basic ways to make the tag dynamic to always display the correct information and updated year.

1. JavaScript (Current Year)

2. JavaScript (Original Year – Current Year)


3. PHP (Current Year)

< ?php echo "© ".date("Y"); ?>

4. PHP (Original Year – Current Year)

2009-< ?php echo "© ".date("Y"); ?>

With a little script implementation, everyone can keep their copyright tags up to date […]

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