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Droid Eris 2.1 Release Date

Just like most Droid Eris owners, I have been patiently waiting for the 2.x update to be released.  There are a number of reports popping up around the web stating that users are receiving the update and its causing a lot of issues.  I emailed HTC support requesting more information on the update, and this was their response (see below).

New Response From [ Cheryl (North America Support (Tech)) ]Hello Eugene,

Thank you for contacting HTC Technical Support via email about the […]

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Top Five Reasons Super Bowl has Lost Market Share

Top Five Reasons Super Bowl has lost market share:

1. The internet – some people tuned into the game just to watch the ads.  Now they can just go online to watch them or to catch the game later.  Some ads are even ‘leaked’ prior to the game.

2. Higher Education – more people are obtaining higher education than ever before.  College sports are slowly over taking the market share of professional sports, and some athletic departments are more profitable than professional […]

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How to Track Outbound Links with Google Analytics

Most people have only used the basic copy / paste of the Google Analytics scripts to track outbound links and downloads.  Now that Google offers events tracking, you can now track much more than the standard pageviews when tracking outbound links and downloads. has created an add-on for Google Analytics that automates the tracking of some comment tagging requirements – outbound links, download links, and email links.  It improves the GA implementation process as well as reduces the possibility of […]

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