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Search Alliance Update

Yahoo released an update earlier this month on their progress with Microsoft in the Search Alliance.  Here are some of the highlights:

Complete the transition in US and Canada before the 2010 holiday period.  If the initial deadline is unachievable, they will defer the transition until early 2011.
A window of several weeks will be provided in the late summer to allow advertisers to choose the time to initiate and complete their transitions.
A step-by-step tutorial will be provided in advertiser’s Yahoo! Search […]

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Droid Eris Official 2.1 OTA

The official OTA 2.1 update for the Verizon HTC Droid Eris has begun.  It will be released in batches, to roughly 1000 people at a time, incrementally increasing in the number of users each day, with all users anticipated to have received the update by May 16th.

Some of the reported enhancements include:

Voice to Text support
Thumbnail view for home screen
Additional calendar views
Google Maps with Navigation
Enhanced Android Market
Capability to log into multiple Google accounts at once
Desk clock and location-based full screen weather
Power […]

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Accept Credit Card Payments on Android

There is a new app in the Android market that allows users to accept credit card payments directly from their Android phone.  Just download the app (called Square), plug in a dongle to your headphone jack, swipe the credit card through the dongle, and you get paid!  Their system comes contract-free and without monthly fees; users only have to pay a “competitive” transaction rate.  Checkout the video for more information.

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Google Mobile Receives Update

Google Mobile Receives Update

Google also updated their mobile search this week, to provide a “consistent look, feel, and overall user experience” to searching with Google on your computer, stated Reza Ziaei and Mike Buchanan of the Google Mobile Engineering Team.

Using an iPhone or Android device in the US, users can view additional search options that will allow them to refine their search query by tapping a button on the left of the search box on the mobile search results page.  They are planning […]

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