AddToAny Founder Reacquires Company

Jul 12th, 2013Comments Off on AddToAny Founder Reacquires Company


Pat Diven, AddToAny’s founder, announced that he plans to buy back his startup from Lockerz. The universal sharing platform was acquired by Lockerz, a social commerce startup offering rewards for referrals, in 2011 in efforts to expand their existing sharing platform.

Diven stated that he is committed to building the AddToAny service and that “work is under way on the brighter future I’ve long envisioned.” The company is rolling out a major update to their sharing widgets and also introducing mobile support. In addition, Diven also said that the company will refresh their RSS feed widget to adjust for the termination of Google Reader and incorporate new feed tools like Feedly.

This type of repurchase seems to be a growing trend over the last couple of years. In 2009, StumbleUpon founders repurchased their site back from eBay, earlier this year’s founders repurchased their site back from AOL, and earlier this month Michael Birch repurchased Bebo from AOL – just to name a few.

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