Android 2.1 v3 Leaked for Droid Eris

Apr 29th, 2010Comments Off on Android 2.1 v3 Leaked for Droid Eris

Androidforums has just posted a new version of the Android 2.1 leak for the Eris.  It is reported that this 2.1 v3 leak has a huge list of bug fixes and resolves many of the connectivity issues that users were experiencing with the previous leaks.

Issues fixed in this new release (via AndroidForums):

1) Upgrade to Android 2.1 E’clair
2) Improvements in battery like
3) Youtube video play errors
4) HTC Weather widget lags, displays the incorrect weather or does not update automatically, time is not in sync
with Home screen
5) Support for Exchange Active Sync security policies
6) Support for Bluetooth contact transfer
7) POP3 settings for not automatically set
8) Support for stand alone Wi-Fi if device is in airplane mode
9) Correct Sense UI crashes
10) Field Test mode will properly display EVDO revision in use
11) In progress OTA needs to be terminated if an emergency call is attempted
12) Deleting 50 or more contacts from Gmail will result in a recurring error display
13) Plugging in a wired headset during music playback does not turn off device’s speaker
14) Sporadic “Bluetooth headset disconnected” message displayed when Bluetooth accessory is turned off
15) Emergency Mode backlight is not following duration setting
16) Stereo wired headset has static when keys are pressed
17) SMS new message indicator is correctly removed from Notification Panel, but not the Message widget
18) Reduced power up time
19) + not handled properly in dialing strings (internation dialing)
20) Device locks up with new email notifications
21) Incoming call screen not displayed when in the Phone application
22) Lockups during swipe unlock
23) Google Voice not working after MR1 update
24) Contact birthdates with years in the range of 1918-1944 are not displayed correctly
25) Messaging composition: message count covers a portion of the user’s text
26) Device is too easy to unlock
27) Support added for Microsoft Office 2007 documents (e.g. docx)
28) People application crashes
29) Support for Yahoo IMAP email
30) OTA update does not delete user data (see attachment)
31) Device gets stuck in 1X mode
32) Incoming calls vibrate even when vibrate option is disabled
33) Google Email (gMail) does not display images in HTML email
34) If the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, downloading MMS may generate an error message
35) Device responsiveness slows when composing messages or emails
36) Calling party receives echo
37) Google Voice does not work after upgrade
38) MMS images are blank when sent from the device

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