Best Free Windows Mobile Apps

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Here are some of the best free windows mobile apps to help you boos productivity, get information, or just have fun.  I’m sure there are several others out there so comment back if you know of any noteworthy apps.

Allows you to search news feeds, wikipedia, manage shopping lists, and more.  You can easily gather news info from any rss feed while on the go.

A timer app for the phone (requires upgrade to .net 3.5 compact framework –>

Google Maps:
This can use your gps built in on your phone to calculate positions, find nearby businesses, show street view, and more.

Search and view YouTube videos.

Fitness App with gps tracking.  They also have an online community where you can share your workouts, view what others are doing, and track your stats. A must have for anyone looking for a free app that’s comparative to the paid windows mobile fitness trackers.

Different screen lock app with different graphics.  A more finger friendly screen lock app (slide 2 unlock v2).

Even if you don’t use it for actual phone calls, you can use it for free as a chat application.  A must have for anyone doing business globally that doesn’t want to run up their cell phone charges while they travel.

You guessed it…a windows mobile uno game!

Windows mobile version of the web application – search, directions, traffic, and more.

I haven’t tried this one, but I know of several people using windows mobile who have voiced their frustration with not having the calendar pull your contacts’ birthday’s over and remind you.  This app adds a calendar entry and reminder for all contacts that have birthday’s on their record.

Opera Mobile:
This is a beta application, but it’s a pretty good replacement for Internet Explorer Mobile if you’re looking for one.

Replacement contact manager.  Its a more finger friendly, iPhone type of contact manager.

Replacement keypad for your phone.  Its more finger friendly, iPhone type of keypad.  Its made by the same developer as iContact.

Official Windows Mobile Facebook app.

Windows Mobile version of Tetris – free!

Screen capture application.  You have to create a login at this forum in order to download their free apps.

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