Google Docs Receives Much Needed Updates

Apr 15th, 2010Comments Off on Google Docs Receives Much Needed Updates

On April 12th, Google announced updates to their Google Docs, made possible through a new code base that will allow them to deliver rich functionality more quickly.  In documents, they’ve added a margin ruler, improved numbering and bullets, and enhanced image placement options.  In spreadsheets, they’ve included a formula editing bar, aut0-complete for cells, drag and drop columns and many other features “not possible with older browser technologies.”  They’ve also made huge improvements to the document upload feature.  Imported files “retain their original structure more accurately, so you can hit the ground running editing in the browser without having to fix formatting like bullets and text alignment” stated Dave Girouard, President of Google Enterprise.

New browser technologies have also made it possible for Google to “speed up Google Docs significantly.”  In addition, they’ve extended the collaboration capabilities to include support for up to 50 people working all at once, and users can now see other people’s edits as they happen (by character).  Users now also have the ability to collaborate on flow charts, diagrams and other objects in real time too.

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