Google Goes Grassroots

Aug 5th, 20091 Comment

Google recently launched a “Going Google” campaign, which urges users to tweet about why they’ve gone Google and use their applications.  They claim that they already have roughly 1.75 million businesses, schools, and organizations using their  applications, 3000 new users start utilizing the applications each day, an they promise to give away prizes in August to Google Apps customers who share why they’ve gone that route.

The results have yet to be seen from this new campaign, but word of mouth advertising can yield great results, and has worked for several other companies – such as Mozilla.  In fact, who would be better positioned to promote the application than end-users?  Although its unclear how many users will place the notice that they want to ‘go Google’ in their office or workspace, more than 14000 users are following the twitter account and the incentivized path to tweet about Google seems to be paying off as well.

Read more here: Going Google

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