Google Launches Enhanced CPC for AdWords

Aug 21st, 2010Comments Off on Google Launches Enhanced CPC for AdWords

Google launched a new feature in AdWords dubbed “Enhanced CPC”, which uses an advertiser’s historical campaign conversion tracking data to automatically adjust the max CPC based on the probability that the ad / campaign will convert.  According to Google, this should result in “more conversions while maintaining or reducing your overall CPA and hopefully spend less time managing your max CPC bids.”

Enhanced CPC has the unique ability to consider a number of factors when predicting the likelihood of a conversion. A few examples of what Enhanced CPC is able to do include:

  • Adjust your bid depending on how well a particular search or display network partner site in the Google network has converted for you in the past
  • Recognize when specific words within a keyword (e.g. ‘kits’) convert well and adjust your bid when users search on variations of these terms (e.g. ‘model airplane kits for children’)
  • Detect attributes such as the user’s location, language settings, browser, and operating system and analyze how these attributes may impact the likelihood of your ad converting

Be sure to check out the video below to learn more about this new feature. (via Google)

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