How to Manually Install Droid Eris MR4 Update

Jul 19th, 201013 Comments

The new MR4 update is being leaked across the Web, however most sites offer no instructions for users on installation procedures.  If you’d rather install the update yourself, rather than waiting for the OTA, follow these simple steps to properly install the MR4 update on your Droid Eris.

  1. Download the file HERE and rename it
  2. Connect your Eris to your computer and mount as a disk drive
  3. Place this file in the main directory of your SD card then shut off your phone
  4. Hold down Volume Down and Power to enter the bootloader and select recovery
  5. When the phone reboots with an image of a phone with an alert icon (exclamation point), hold down Volume Up and Power
  6. Use the volume keys to select apply
  7. After the update completes, use the volume keys to select reboot from the recovery console

UPDATE:  I was finally able to find the files for the 2010 OTA’s for the Eris.

  • Eris Eclair 2.1 – v 2.36.605.1 (1.5 Eris -> Leak-v3 / Official RUU ) – CLICK HERE
    • Size:  77.7 MB
    • MD5: 9a3a82e4b5afb4e885b41d28085b9adc
  • Eris Eclair 2.1 – v 2.37.605.4_2.36.605.1 (Leak v3 / Official RUU ->July OTA) – CLICK HERE
    • Size:  12.8 MB
    • MD5: 6c509776a039149c392940025a13cff9
  • Eris Eclair 2.1 – v 2.37.605.4_1.17.605.1 (1.5 Eris -> July OTA) – CLICK HERE
    • Size:  75.6 MB
    • MD5:  d480a50f3fc450d7bc13cb277820c688

Disclaimer: Rooting can void your warranty and may also brick your phone if not done properly. I am not responsible for any damage caused to your device, so go ahead at your own risk.

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  • MikeT

    Do you still have the update file? Because the download link is dead.


  • MikeT

    Do you still have the update file? Because the download link is dead.


    • @MikeT – No it was originally linked to Google’s server, and I have been attempting to find a new source for the file ever since I first noticed it was dead. I will keep looking and will post an update as soon as I can find one.

      • @MikeT I just found the file(s) online. Download the one you need, then follow the steps in the original post.

  • Liz

    I need it too. the MR2 is on but if Google’s taken it off the servers, it won’t update after that. Any help finding the actual ZIP already downloaded would be great! ^^

    • @Liz I found a link to the update online. You should be able to download the appropriate file and follow the instructions in the post to update your Eris.

  • David


    I would like a link to the update as well, please. So, when you get it, please email it to me or respond back to this post.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • I’ve searched the Web and haven’t been able to find the file. Google pulled it from their servers. I will continue to look and if I can locate the file will update the post / email it to you.

    • @David I just found links to the 2010 OTA updates. You should be able to get the file from the post now.

  • Dana

    I download this from my computer? I have to root my phone? There’s no OTA?

    • @Dana the OTA was back in July 2010. You should be able to flash the MR4 update from the recovery console.

  • dominick

    My old eris got smashed so I bought a new one from a guy who was a sales rep at Verizon after searching on Craigslist. My old phone was updated but this one is still running 1.5. I can’t stand it! WOuld Verizon be able to do an update if I brought it to the store?

    • @Dominick they might be able to do the update. I haven’t tried taking one into a local retail location. If not, you should be able to download the appropriate file and flash it from the recovery console.