Introducing Google Tag Manager

Oct 31st, 2012Comments Off on Introducing Google Tag Manager

Online marketing is still very reliant on tags for tracking – like analytics, conversions, remarking, and more.  However too many tags can make sites slow and incorrectly implemented tags can distort the data, and it’s very time consuming for both IT to add new tags.

Earlier this month, Google released a new tool designed to make marketer’s jobs much easier – Google Tag Manager.  It’s a free tool that consolidates all of your website tags into a single container snippet of code and allows you to manage everything through an online interface.  You can edit / change your own tags, without the need of IT support or code releases, giving marketers more flexibility, and gives valuable time back to IT to focus on other important tasks.

Below is a list of some of the high-level features:

  • Asynchronous tag loading—so your tags can fire faster without getting in each other’s way, and without slowing down the user-visible part of the page
  • Easy-to-use tag templates, so marketers can quickly add tags with our web interface
  • Error-prevention tools like Preview mode (so you can see proposed changes before implementing them), the Debug Console, and Version History to ensure that new tags won’t break your site
  • User permissions and multi-account functionality to make it easy for large teams and agencies and clients to work together with appropriate levels of access
  • Plus we have exciting plans to add great new features over the next several months

Check out the video below to learn more!

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