Mobile’s Immediacy Effect

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Google & Nielsen recently teamed up to conduct research on mobile phone usage, and how marketers can capitalize on every mobile search moment. They found that there is an immediacy effect – with more than half of the conversions (going to brick and mortar location, calling business, etc) happening within just one hour of the mobile search.


Here are the highlights of the research:

Mobile search is both always-on and on-the-go. Research showed that mobile’s role is also much more than on-the-go information search. People turn to mobile devices throughout the day to find information because of its speed and convenience, with 77% of mobile searches happening at home or at work.

Mobile searchers take a variety of actions. We also found that three of four mobile searches trigger additional actions. These range from open-ended actions like additional research (36%) or a website visit (25%), to more concrete conversions like a store visit (17%), a purchase (17%), or a phone call (7%).

Mobile searchers act fast. 55% of conversions from mobile searches happen within one hour. Forty-five percent of mobile searches are conducted to help make a decision, and that number jumps to two-thirds when happening in a store.

Context is key to mobile searches. The research also showed that the types of searches people conduct on mobile are strongly tied to their specific context, like location and time of day. For instance, shopping searches are twice as likely to be done in-store. And since searchers are also 55% more likely to notice ads when they’re in a store, there’s a huge opportunity for marketers to capitalize on these mobile-led moments.

Check out the full report from the Google Ads product team.

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