Questions Most SMB’s Forget to Ask

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Most small businesses still rely on their traditional media (print, yellow pages, radio, television) to reach their target audience.  For some, building a website is no more important than printing a brochure.  As more consumers in their target audience make the switch from searching in traditional yellow pages / print to online media, they are now seeking online advertisements.

IYP Market Share

IYP Market Share – source:

One great feature of online marketing is that it is full of data – if done correctly.  Why would any SMB risk their campaign performance and investment?  You need to establish how to measure your campaign – brand recognition? generate leads? re-target to non-converting users? generate sales? other?  Once you have developed your plan, it’s time to start gathering data on potential agencies.  Here are some questions to get you started…

  1. What makes the agency different from any of their competitors?
  2. How are their services priced?  CPA/CPS/CPL? CPM or CPC?  (read earlier posts for definitions)
  3. What is their reach?  Do they target your audience?
  4. Do they have any other businesses (similar to yours) as clients?  If so, what kind of results do they typically see?  (if they are able to share that information).
  5. Do they offer optimization or testing?  If so, how long does it typically take to gather enough data?
  6. How do they measure performance?  How long does it typical take to see results?  How often do they provide reporting?
  7. Describe the typical team that will be working on an account like yours.  Will you have an opportunity to interview its members?
  8. Do they offer creative services?
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