Skype with Video Chat Leaks for Thunderbolt

May 29th, 20113 Comments

The HTC Thunderbolt was supposed to ship with a new and improved version of Skype that would allow users to video chat from their mobile device.  Unfortunately, it didn’t happen and it left many users extremely disappointed.

For those still waiting for this capability on their Thunderbolt, look no further…a leaked version of the Skype for Android app can be found online.  You can download the file from a mirror here: (via Business Insider)

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  • Swolfdo

    Is there still security concerns with the leaked version

    • eorourke

      Yes, the I’m still seeing things online related to potential security concerns with the app.

    • eorourke

      I apologize, it appears I was incorrect in my original reply. The security issue only impacted.a single version of Skype (Skype for Android), not Skype mobile. This app has no security issue. You can read more at the link below.