The Five Deadly Sins of Presentations

Nov 19th, 2009Comments Off on The Five Deadly Sins of Presentations

According to John Brien, the saddest presentation in the world Hisn’t a title to which many care to aspire. Why is it then, that most presentations you see fall into this ‘sad’ category? Mr. Brien states that you may be often thinking “Am I mistaken or did that expert merely jot down some ill-formed ideas and transfer them to PowerPoint?”

Why do presenters / speakers feel that they can get away with minimal effort? They often feel that their oral communication skills are stellar, or that all they require are bodies in the audience. Sales representatives would not be entering a pitch with a similar approach, and most speakers should take note to stay away from what Mr. Brien describes as the five deadly sins.

  1. Rely on the bullet points
  2. Make it relentlessly sober
  3. Showcase the self-evident
  4. Utilize clashing graphics
  5. Forget to proofread

Mr. Brien states that presentations have been so automated for so long that many companies cannot conceive of anything outside the norm.  Presenters should remember that presentations are an area of boundless opportunity.  The audience is can easily fit into the palm of your hand – get them involved.

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