Understanding Website Structure

May 26th, 20091 Comment

Deep Linking – linking to a web page other than a site’s home page.

Inbound Link – a link from a site outside of your site.

Outbound Link – a link to a site outside of your site.

Reciprocal Links – links between two sites, often based on an agreement by the site owners to exchange links.

Above the Fold – the section of a Web page that is visible without scrolling.

Ad Space – the space on a Web page available for advertisements.

ALT Text – HTML attribute that provides alternative text when non-textual elements, typically images, cannot be displayed.

Site Search – search functionality specific to one site.

Landing Page – a branding page before the home page of a Web site.

Website Design – the selection and coordination of available components to create the layout and structure of a Web page.

Website Usability – The ease with which visitors are able to use a Web site.

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