Yahoo Wants Out of Search Deal

Jun 1st, 2013Comments Off on Yahoo Wants Out of Search Deal


According to an unnamed source with the Wall Street Jounal, Yahoo wants out of their search deal with Microsoft (Bing). The source states that Yahoo has been “quietly trying to find a way out of its struggling web-search partnership with Microsoft…but has failed in that effort.” In addition, they stated that Mayer wants to kill Yahoo‘s search deal ever since she took over, because Yahoo‘s “revenue per search has been worse under the Microsoft deal than when it operated its own web-search technology and advertising system.”

Unless revenue per search drops below a certain threshold (unlikely as it’s been climbing) or Microsoft sells off Bing, it’s very unlikely that Yahoo will be able to get out of their deal with Microsoft until 2015 (midpoint in agreement), at which either party can opt out of the partnership.

Via Wall Street Journal

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