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Real-time Translation for Android Translate App

Real-time Translation for Android Translate App

Google announced a new version of their Translate app last week for Android devices.  The most notable change – real-time speech translation.  The new conversation mode will enable users to quickly translate speech in a foreign language into their language.  To reply, users can speak their response in their own language and the app will translate and play the message in the foreign language.

The app is currently only available to Android devices running 2.1 or higher.  Check out some of […]

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Droid X Froyo Leaked

Droid X Froyo Leaked

If you are like most of the Eris users were when waiting for the 2.1 update, and you just can’t wait any longer there was a Froyo build for the Droid X earlier this month.  To manually install this leak, save the zip file to your SD Card and run the update (note: this will wipe your device).  Visit the Droid World forums today to download the leak!

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One Click Droid Eris Root Available

For those of you with a Droid Eris still wanting to root your phone, but don’t want all the hassle involved with rooting your device, a couple of developers have created an Android application that will root any Eris running 2.1 with one click.  Users are asked to donate to a youth charity (outreach program or feed a homeless youth) if you use the app.  Follow the steps below to root your phone in 5 easy steps!

Download the app HERE
Install […]

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Droid Eris 2.1 OTA vs. Leak v3

Many users who installed leaked versions of the 2.1 ROM were all over the web trying to find out if the OTA version was any different than the leaks they had previously installed, and if they would receive the update on their phone with the leak. Thankfully, the file used in the OTA link gives the complete file name, and developers were able to confirm that the OTA is the same as the 2.1 v3 ROM leaked weeks ago. It’s […]

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