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Google Robocall Blocking Wins Praise from FTC

Google Robocall Blocking Wins Praise from FTC

The Federal Trade Commission announced the winners of their Robocall Challenge competition earlier this month, an effort to find ways to stop robocalls.

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Skype Introduces Desktop Ad Units

Skype Introduces Desktop Ad Units

Skype will soon add advertisements to their Windows desktop application.  The ads will be introduced in the US, UK, and Germany this week, and will appear on the Skype desktop Home Tab.  Companies like Groupon, Universal Pictures, and Visa are among the advertisers that will begin running at launch.

Below are some additional details from Skype.

We’re working with some great advertisers, including Groupon, Universal Pictures, and Visa.
Ads will appear in the US, UK and Germany and advertising sales for Skype are […]

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Location Based Google Ads

On July 31st, Google introduced location based advertising for Android and iPhone devices.  Companies will have the ability to select a local extension for display in Adwords that will display their ads using a user’s GPS position. This feature applies to both mobile applications and mobile browsers displaying Google advertisements.  In addition, it will allow users to get maps and contact information for businesses within their current area.

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Google Acquires Invite Media

Google announced the acquisition of Invite Media, an “innovative start-up based in New York,” yesterday.  Invite Media has developed technology that gives advertisers the ability to optimize display campaigns, across multiple ad exchanges, all in one single interface.

Neal Mohan, VP of Product Management at Google, stated “we’re investing significantly in the display advertising ecosystem and are seeing great momentum. We’ve developed, and are continuing to develop, tools that help both publishers and advertisers take advantage of the […]

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