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Investigating Multi-Channel Purchase Behavior

Investigating Multi-Channel Purchase Behavior

According to the Google/OTX Post Holiday Study from earlier this year, multi-channel shopping has “evolved as the new face of commerce, the norm rather than the exception.”  In addition, 34% of consumers researched their purchases online before completing their purchase offline.  21% of consumers researched online and offline before completing their purchases online.  (via Google)

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Asynchronous Tracking with Google Analytics

Asynchronous Tracking with Google Analytics

The Google Analytics team announced the release of the asynchronous tracking tag last month (released from beta); providing users with a much faster implementation of Google Analytics.  The new admin interface provides users with the code they need, whether they are tracking one or multiple sites.

Google Analytics will provide users with the new tags by default, but users can still access the legacy code implementations.  The Google Analytics team is recommending that users upgrade their current implementations to utilize the […]

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AdWords Conversion Champion Challenge

In an effort to help push advertisers to optimize their conversion paths and utilize Google‘s applications, Google is launching the Conversion Champion Challenge. The contest is simple:

Track conversions on your site using one of Google’s free measurement products:

AdWords Conversion Tracking instructions
Importing goals from Google Analytics instructions

Analyze and try to improve your performance using AdWords Search Funnels and/or Conversion Optimiser
Show Google the results and share your story here

They’ll select the advertiser with the most […]

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Six Ways to Improve Your Call to Action

Six Ways to Improve Your Call to Action

Most landing pages, in efforts to suit the most number of users possible, are crammed full of text, graphics, and special offers.  Competing amongst all of these elements (and your copy) is your call to action – most likely leaving visitors confused or indecisive. Below are some suggestions which should (with testing) improve your call to action.

1. Large Call to Action Buttons.  Big call to actions work because they stand out more.

Place your call to action buttons above the […]

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