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How to Export from Google Ad Planner into AdWords

How to Export from Google Ad Planner into AdWords

Google‘s Ad Planner is a tool that enables advertisers to research and develop media plans across millions of Websites, specifically targeted for your target audience. If you frequently use Ad Planner, and are currently manually transferring your media plan into your AdWords account as a new campaign, then checkout the video tutorial below.

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iPad Coming to Walmart?

According to BusinessWeek, Walmart is trying to cut a deal with Apple to bring the iPad to their stores later this year.  Currently over a million iPads have been sold, and we can only assume that Walmart would rapidly increase the number of units sold – especially in locations where current authorized retailers are many miles away. Many Apple enthusiasts will undoubtedly be upset if the retail giant were to begin carrying the iPad; similar to the response generated when […]

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Mobile Loyalty Apps on the Rise

As the recession continues, loyalty programs are on the rise.  According to loyalty market researcher Colloquy, the average U.S. household belongs to more than 14 loyalty programs.  CardStar, launched a mobile app in 2009 for the iPhone, that has recently surpassed 1 million downloads and has been used more than 5 million times.  The app, allows users to input their loyalty and reward card information on their mobile phones, which can then be scanned at the point of sale (checkout […]

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Lindsay Lohan Files Suit Against E-Trade

Actress Lindsay Lohan has filed a huge lawsuit ($100 million) against E-Trade for a commercial aired by the company, calling it defamatory.  The advertisement shows a baby named Lindsay, who is described as a “milkaholic”, which, according to Lohan, is a reference to her hard-partying ways, People magazine reported.

E-Trade has fired back against the lawsuit, denying that Lohan is the target of a parody. They say the spot was meant to be […]

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