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AOL Launches Ad Desk

AOL Launches Ad Desk

AOL has launched a beta version a self-service ad tool that will enable marketers to launch and manage their own campaigns.  This application, dubbed “Ad Desk,” will sell CPM advertisements that can be targeted by Website, category, geographic location, demographic, and behavior.

Jeff Levick, Executive Vice President of AOL Advertising, stated that “Transparency and control are the future of online advertising.  Providing clients with a greater level of personalized control over digital marketing campaigns is paramount as organizations continue to look […]

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Google Launches Ad Innovations

On March 31, Google launched Google Ad Innovations, where users will be able to review some of Google‘s latest ideas around advertising and provide their feedback.  Susan Wojcicki, Vice President of Product Management at Google, stated that as advertising evolves and marketers are looking for creative ways to communicate with users, they’ve found that the best way to do this is to “test new approaches regularly and listen closely to the feedback of the advertisers using our products.”

Be sure to […]

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Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Excites Online Marketers

Advertisers are showing strong support for the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal, stating that it will be good for search marketing and good for the internet.  They expect the deal to take about 18 to 24 months to pass regulatory approval, and they’ll most likely have to defend this deal throughout the process.

Its a pretty good deal for both companies, with Microsoft fronting all the spend for Yahoo‘s infrastructure costs, saving Yahoo roughly $200 million per year.  In exchange, Microsoft will receive […]

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Questions Most SMB’s Forget to Ask

Questions Most SMB’s Forget to Ask

Most small businesses still rely on their traditional media (print, yellow pages, radio, television) to reach their target audience.  For some, building a website is no more important than printing a brochure.  As more consumers in their target audience make the switch from searching in traditional yellow pages / print to online media, they are now seeking online advertisements.

IYP Market Share – source: SearchEngineLand.com

One great feature of online marketing is that it is full of data – if […]

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