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One Click Droid Eris Root Available

For those of you with a Droid Eris still wanting to root your phone, but don’t want all the hassle involved with rooting your device, a couple of developers have created an Android application that will root any Eris running 2.1 with one click.  Users are asked to donate to a youth charity (outreach program or feed a homeless youth) if you use the app.  Follow the steps below to root your phone in 5 easy steps!

Download the app HERE
Install […]

Aug 7th, 2010Comments Off on One Click Droid Eris Root Available

How to Manually Install Droid Eris MR4 Update

The new MR4 update is being leaked across the Web, however most sites offer no instructions for users on installation procedures.  If you’d rather install the update yourself, rather than waiting for the OTA, follow these simple steps to properly install the MR4 update on your Droid Eris.

Download the file HERE and rename it update.zip
Connect your Eris to your computer and mount as a disk drive
Place this file in the main directory of your SD card then shut off your […]

Jul 19th, 201013 Comments

Android 2.1 v3 Leaked for Droid Eris

Androidforums has just posted a new version of the Android 2.1 leak for the Eris.  It is reported that this 2.1 v3 leak has a huge list of bug fixes and resolves many of the connectivity issues that users were experiencing with the previous leaks.

Issues fixed in this new release (via AndroidForums):

1) Upgrade to Android 2.1 E’clair
2) Improvements in battery like
3) Youtube video play errors
4) HTC Weather widget lags, displays the incorrect weather or does not update automatically, time is […]

Apr 29th, 2010Comments Off on Android 2.1 v3 Leaked for Droid Eris

Update on Droid Eris 2.1 Release

There is still no ‘official’ word on when the update will be released to users, however rumors are surfacing around the Web that it will be sometime around April 29th, the same release as the Droid Incredible.  As a Droid Eris user myself, I would recommend to not hold your breath on this one.  We’ve received too many ‘official’ release dates and the only official statement HTC has made on the release of 2.1 is that it will come in […]

Apr 25th, 2010Comments Off on Update on Droid Eris 2.1 Release
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