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2010 Holiday Preparations

According to the Google Retail Team, it’s now time to begin preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Below are highlights from 2009 insights. (via Google)

1. 44% of shoppers already started their shopping and researching as of August last year.
2. Searches for ‘promo codes’ increased by 55% year-over-year.
3. Searches rose 20% year-over-year as consumers go online
4. Two of the top three days for online purchases were Mondays
5. Half of all new internet connections will come from mobile phones.
6. […]

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Investigating Multi-Channel Purchase Behavior

Investigating Multi-Channel Purchase Behavior

According to the Google/OTX Post Holiday Study from earlier this year, multi-channel shopping has “evolved as the new face of commerce, the norm rather than the exception.”  In addition, 34% of consumers researched their purchases online before completing their purchase offline.  21% of consumers researched online and offline before completing their purchases online.  (via Google)

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Accept Credit Card Payments on Android

There is a new app in the Android market that allows users to accept credit card payments directly from their Android phone.  Just download the app (called Square), plug in a dongle to your headphone jack, swipe the credit card through the dongle, and you get paid!  Their system comes contract-free and without monthly fees; users only have to pay a “competitive” transaction rate.  Checkout the video for more information.

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