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Google Mobile Search History

Google Mobile Search History

Google launched a new search history feature (in the US) yesterday, enabling users to “quickly get back to sites you’ve been to and see items you have starred from your Android, iPhone, or desktop searches.”  To use this new feature, you first have to sign in and enable search history in your account (settings -> save searches (under search history) -> save).

The history is a list of all searches you’ve performed while you were signed-in, regardless of the […]

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Location Based Google Ads

On July 31st, Google introduced location based advertising for Android and iPhone devices.  Companies will have the ability to select a local extension for display in Adwords that will display their ads using a user’s GPS position. This feature applies to both mobile applications and mobile browsers displaying Google advertisements.  In addition, it will allow users to get maps and contact information for businesses within their current area.

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Gmail Updated in Froyo

Today we feature another Froyo (Android 2.2) update – Gmail.  The Gmail app has many improvements, from switching accounts to email notifications and attachments.  Checkout the video below for more information.

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Better Android Market in Froyo

Better Android Market in Froyo

A new version of the Android Market is being released along with many of the new updates coming in Android 2.2 (Froyo).  One of the features, allows users to opt in to automatic updates – a feature that is sure to please many.  Other updates include a new layout for the market and separating comments from the general app information.  See more from the screen shots below.

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