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iPhone OS 4.0.1 Released

iPhone OS 4.0.1 Released

Apple has released an update to iPhone OS 4 and is now available through iTunes.  The issue is said to correct the display of the signal strength as well as update the formula used to calculate the bars that display – although this does not fix the antenna issue being reported.

All Apple fans are slowly coming to the realization that the Apple platform is no different than any other platform – it’s case sensitive… 🙂

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Google Docs Receives Much Needed Updates

On April 12th, Google announced updates to their Google Docs, made possible through a new code base that will allow them to deliver rich functionality more quickly.  In documents, they’ve added a margin ruler, improved numbering and bullets, and enhanced image placement options.  In spreadsheets, they’ve included a formula editing bar, aut0-complete for cells, drag and drop columns and many other features “not possible with older browser technologies.”  They’ve also made huge improvements to the document upload feature.  Imported files […]

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