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The Five Deadly Sins of Presentations

According to John Brien, the saddest presentation in the world Hisn’t a title to which many care to aspire. Why is it then, that most presentations you see fall into this ‘sad’ category? Mr. Brien states that you may be often thinking “Am I mistaken or did that expert merely jot down some ill-formed ideas and transfer them to PowerPoint?”

Why do presenters / speakers feel that they can get away with minimal effort? They often feel that […]

Nov 19th, 2009Comments Off on The Five Deadly Sins of Presentations

Web 2.0 for SMB’s

One of the biggest trends to hit internet marketing, is “Web 2.0.” It involves blogging, social media, and much more. You may be asking, “Is this type of internet marketing really effective?” “Is Web 2.0 just a trend or is it something that all businesses should use to promote their business online?”

“To Help you get started in thinking about Web 2.0 for your business, here are some things to consider.”

Don’t dive in just because it’s the trend or because […]

Apr 10th, 20092 Comments