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Black Friday Deals Online

Black Friday Deals Online

Welcome Black Friday Shoppers!  Below are some of the top deals available online this year.

Walmart has some great Thanksgiving Day sales this year, and shoppers can take advantage of these deals online!

CLICK HERE to view the ad online.

Target has one of the best Black Friday sales this year, and the savings are now available online!  Target is providing savings on everything from video games to movies and books.

CLICK HERE to view the ad online.

Best Buy offers savings on […]

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Google Maps for Android Updated

Google Maps for Android Updated

Google updated the Google Maps for Android app earlier this month, adding a number of features including walking directions. According to Google:

Walking Navigation lets you use GPS navigation with walking directions that are more direct and use pedestrian pathways when we know about them…You can even turn off voice guidance and just use these notifications while soaking in the sights and sounds around you. To help you orient yourself with your surroundings, the map will rotate with […]

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Location Based Google Ads

On July 31st, Google introduced location based advertising for Android and iPhone devices.  Companies will have the ability to select a local extension for display in Adwords that will display their ads using a user’s GPS position. This feature applies to both mobile applications and mobile browsers displaying Google advertisements.  In addition, it will allow users to get maps and contact information for businesses within their current area.

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Google Admits to Collecting Private Data with Street View

Google released an update on their blog last week stating that they accidentally collected personal data while performing street view sweeps.  The statement was released after an internal review of the data collected, due to a request from the DPA (Data Protection Authority) in Hamburg, Germany.

Although this practice is used by several other companies that provide WiFi location based services, they typically only store the SSID’s in a database with their GPS positions to provide WiFi triangulation services.  The internal […]

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