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Palm is for Sale

Bloomberg is reporting that Palm, Inc. has put itself up for sale. Among some of the the potential bidders are companies like HTC. Palm is rumored to be working with Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. and Qatalyst Partners to negotiate a sale of the company. Shares in the manufacturer jumped 32 percent last week, presumably on investor speculation in an upcoming Palm buyout.

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Droid Eris Set for End of Life with Verizon

Droid Eris Set for End of Life with Verizon

As Verizon prepares to launch a number of new handsets, it’s being rumored that Verizon will soon end-of-life the Droid Eris and BlackBerry Tour 9630.  An internal memo was sent out earlier during the week, informing employees that both handsets would reach end-of-life as soon as their inventory is depleted.  The Droid Eris, which was released in November, is expected to reach it’s date in May (roughly 7 month life) and the BlackBerry Tour in June.

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How to Root Your Droid Eris

If you cannot wait any longer for the official 2.1 release, I found a step by step guide on how to root your Eris and install the leaked ROM. They claim that this ROM version has been cleaned up to correct all of the bugs they found, as well as a potential oversight that the original ROM may have had an expiration date (unconfirmed) – so if you’ve already rooted your phone, you may want to check this out.

You will […]

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Droid Eris Release Date Update

I have contacted both Verizon and HTC regarding the 2.1 release date, as I have done several times in the past.  As I had anticipated, I received the same ‘no answer’ update from HTC.  They stated:

Due to marketing agreements with the US carriers we do not have information on if and when a update will be released. If a carrier request us publish this information you will hear first on our community and twitter broadcasts.

So they blamed the communication issues […]

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