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Strong Growth in Online Advertising

Strong Growth in Online Advertising

According to a report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), online advertising achieved its highest Q1 revenue level ever in 2010; with revenues in the US growing to roughly $5.9 billion – represented a 7.5% increase year over year.  David Silverman, PwC Assurance Partner, stated that these results are a “sign of health and vitality of online media, and of marketers’ continuing investment in interactive as a cornerstone of their advertising campaigns.”  (via IAB)

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Intro to Online Media

Banner Ad – a web graphic advertising unit, usually measuring 468 pixels wide and 60 pixels tall.

Beyond the Banner – online advertising not involving standard GIF and JPEG banner ads.

Button Ad – a graphical advertising unit, smaller than a banner ad.

HTML Banner – a banner ad using HTML elements, often including interactive forms, instead of standard graphic elements.

Interstitial – an advertisement that loads between two content pages.

Pop-Up Ad – an ad that displays in […]

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