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Six Ways to Improve Your Call to Action

Six Ways to Improve Your Call to Action

Most landing pages, in efforts to suit the most number of users possible, are crammed full of text, graphics, and special offers.  Competing amongst all of these elements (and your copy) is your call to action – most likely leaving visitors confused or indecisive. Below are some suggestions which should (with testing) improve your call to action.

1. Large Call to Action Buttons.  Big call to actions work because they stand out more.

Place your call to action buttons above the […]

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Auto Update Copyright Tag

It seems like outdated copyright tags in the footer of Websites are becoming an increasing issue online. Here are a couple of basic ways to make the tag dynamic to always display the correct information and updated year.

1. JavaScript (Current Year)

2. JavaScript (Original Year – Current Year)


3. PHP (Current Year)

< ?php echo "© ".date("Y"); ?>

4. PHP (Original Year – Current Year)

2009-< ?php echo "© ".date("Y"); ?>

With a little script implementation, everyone can keep their copyright tags up to date […]

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Questions Most SMB’s Forget to Ask

Questions Most SMB’s Forget to Ask

Most small businesses still rely on their traditional media (print, yellow pages, radio, television) to reach their target audience.  For some, building a website is no more important than printing a brochure.  As more consumers in their target audience make the switch from searching in traditional yellow pages / print to online media, they are now seeking online advertisements.

IYP Market Share – source: SearchEngineLand.com

One great feature of online marketing is that it is full of data – if […]

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Understanding Website Structure

Deep Linking – linking to a web page other than a site’s home page.

Inbound Link – a link from a site outside of your site.

Outbound Link – a link to a site outside of your site.

Reciprocal Links – links between two sites, often based on an agreement by the site owners to exchange links.

Above the Fold – the section of a Web page that is visible without scrolling.

Ad Space – the space on a […]

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