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About.me Out of Beta

About.me Out of Beta

About.me, a new service that enables users to create personal profile pages is now out of beta and open to everyone.  Users create simple bios, link to various social network profiles (and other sites), and upload an image of themselves to use as the background.  Users also have access to various analytics to track their profile activity.  Create your own profile today!

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Six Ways to Improve Your Call to Action

Six Ways to Improve Your Call to Action

Most landing pages, in efforts to suit the most number of users possible, are crammed full of text, graphics, and special offers.  Competing amongst all of these elements (and your copy) is your call to action – most likely leaving visitors confused or indecisive. Below are some suggestions which should (with testing) improve your call to action.

1. Large Call to Action Buttons.  Big call to actions work because they stand out more.

Place your call to action buttons above the […]

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Why SEO is Important

Natural search engine listings are the result of a search engine returning Web pages that relate to a user’s query, according to that search engine’s complex algorithm. Each search engine algorithm ranks the relevance of the Web page content to the keyword on which the search was performed.

“The more relevant the site’s content to a specific query, the higher that site will rank within the search engine results.”

Natural search results are not marked as “sponsored” or “featured” – they are […]

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