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Microsoft-Yahoo Deal Excites Online Marketers

Advertisers are showing strong support for the Microsoft-Yahoo search deal, stating that it will be good for search marketing and good for the internet.  They expect the deal to take about 18 to 24 months to pass regulatory approval, and they’ll most likely have to defend this deal throughout the process.

Its a pretty good deal for both companies, with Microsoft fronting all the spend for Yahoo‘s infrastructure costs, saving Yahoo roughly $200 million per year.  In exchange, Microsoft will receive […]

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Mobile Micro-Blogging

As new social media continues to gather attention for online marketers, it is important to keep in touch with what your customers are saying about your brand. I recently received a complimentary copy of a new app called Twikini.  Twikini, a Windows Mobile Twitter App, is one of the best mobile apps on the market today. Its fast, light on memory and your battery, and utilizes almost every feature available in Twitter.  This finger friendly app is less […]

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