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Android 2.1 Now Available for Moto Droid

Earlier this month, Verizon Wireless put the highly anticipated Android 2.1 update on hold for Motorola Droid, with no ETA given on when it was expected to be released.

Reports are beginning to surface around the web at what appears to be an internal Verizon email that was sent out this morning and it give the impression that the 2.1 update will begin happening on 3/30/2010.  At roughly 12pm yesterday, roughly 1,000 users will receive notification of the update.  An additional […]

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Motorola Comments on Android 2.1 Delay

Motorola released a statement regarding their 2.1 update of the Android OS. Although Verizon has informed it’s subscribers that a release is coming soon, there’s still no word on when the update will actually be deployed. Verizon has distributed the update in limited quantities, testing the software in small samples before issuing a complete release.

“We know you guys are anxiously awaiting the upgrade from 2.0 to 2.1,” Motorola stated on its Facebook page. “We want to ensure you have the […]

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Yahoo! Search Update

On March 10th, Dan Rampton, Yahoo! Search Program Manager, released a statement on the Yahoo! Search Blog stating that their engineers were “rolling out updates to crawling, indexing, and ranking algorithms.  Similar to previous updates, you may notice some ranking changes and page shuffling during the process, which we expect to complete over the next few days.”

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Lindsay Lohan Files Suit Against E-Trade

Actress Lindsay Lohan has filed a huge lawsuit ($100 million) against E-Trade for a commercial aired by the company, calling it defamatory.  The advertisement shows a baby named Lindsay, who is described as a “milkaholic”, which, according to Lohan, is a reference to her hard-partying ways, People magazine reported.

E-Trade has fired back against the lawsuit, denying that Lohan is the target of a parody. They say the spot was meant to be […]

Mar 9th, 2010Comments Off on Lindsay Lohan Files Suit Against E-Trade
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