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Update on Droid Eris 2.1 Release

There is still no ‘official’ word on when the update will be released to users, however rumors are surfacing around the Web that it will be sometime around April 29th, the same release as the Droid Incredible.  As a Droid Eris user myself, I would recommend to not hold your breath on this one.  We’ve received too many ‘official’ release dates and the only official statement HTC has made on the release of 2.1 is that it will come in […]

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Android OS on iPhone

Android OS has finally been successfully ported over to the iPhone.  I wouldn’t recommend putting this on your newest iPhone, as this version appears to be still in alpha.  They’ve setup a site to provide updates and create  to provide developers with information about their repositories.  You can read more on this here: linuxoniphone.blogspot.com

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