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Google TV Explained

Google announced the launch of Google TV at their Google IO conference last month.  Google TV will come with Sony TVs starting this fall and will also be available as an external setup box.  Users will have access to the Web, Android apps, and much more.  Checkout the video below for more information.

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Twitter Launches Official Android App

Twitter Launches Official Android App

Twitter launched their official app for Android last week, and initial feedback is very positive.  It fully supports widgets, uploading images / videos,  and many other great features.  Users must be running 2.1 or above to use the application.  At this time, the app does not support multipe accounts, but there’s promise that this app is “just the beginning.”   (via Twitter)

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Twitter Creates Promoted Tweets

Twitter announced its new program, dubbed Promoted Tweets, which will be the company’s first attempt at monetizing the network.  Advertisers will be able to purchase keywords and have their ads displayed in targeted user search results.  It’s still unclear how much companies are willing to pay to join this new advertising program.  Twitter‘s current model will be based on a CPM until they have more time to evaluate the program.

Third party applications that utilize Twitter’s API’s will not be showing […]

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Android Market Reaches over 9,000 Apps

Android Market Reaches over 9,000 Apps

Google‘s Android OS is slowly taking over the mobile market.  Not only are device manufacturers beginning to overwhelm the market with numerous handset releases, the Android Market had tremendous growth as well.  AndroidLib.com, reported that  over 9,000 free and paid applications appeared within the 31 day period (March 2010). This growth represents a gain of 68% over February’s apps.  March’s growth is a huge increase in the number of total available applications (roughly 58%).

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