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Google Analytics #1 Mistake – Incorrect Default Page

Google Analytics #1 Mistake – Incorrect Default Page

Setting the default page for your Website is a very simple process in Google Analytics, that greatly enhances the quality of the reporting data.  The default page for a Website is the page shown to a visitor when they visit your Website by typing in your domain through their browser’s address bar.  For instance, if you were to type “http://www.eugeneorourke.com/blog/ into your browser my server returns index.php.  Index.php will not show in your address bar because it is […]

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Piwik Review

Piwik is an open source alternative to Google Analytics and is open for developers to build their own plugins for their unique web analytics needs. [Demo]

Piwik has a similar basic implementation as Google Analytics.  Users simply copy and paste a small JavaScript code on their site to collect data and it can be hosted on a completely independent server.

There are many benefits using open source analytics tools, such as Piwik.  Analysts, for example, can adjust Piwik to fit their unique […]

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Droid Placement on Google

Droid is being advertised on Google‘s homepage this week, and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Google participate in self-promotion.  One of the world’s most visited home pages displays a text ad for the new android phone, which was released in the US today.  There’s no doubt that this promotion from Google will impact the buzz being generated about the new phone.

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Yahoo Image Search Upgrades

Yahoo Image Search Upgrades

Yahoo also updated their image and video search last week to make them more consistent with recent releases to the overall search portal.  According to the Yahoo Search Blog, their engineers re-built the image and video search completely from scratch, updating the core fuctionality and SRP design as well.

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