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Google Maps App for iOS6 Has Not Been Prepared

Google Maps App for iOS6 Has Not Been Prepared

Earlier this week, Eric Schmidt (former Google CEO and current chairman) confirmed to Reuters that Google has not made any plans to provide a Google Maps app for the iPhone 5 or iOS6.

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Sprint Hero Update Delayed

Earlier this week it was being rumored that the Sprint Hero would be receiving the 2.1 update today (May 7).  The admin on Sprint’s official forums has posted that the update is not coming today, but didn’t provide any additional details or information on a new date.  Best Buy is also confirming that the internal memo was real, but that they have no additional information on the delays now being reported.

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Android OS on iPhone

Android OS has finally been successfully ported over to the iPhone.  I wouldn’t recommend putting this on your newest iPhone, as this version appears to be still in alpha.  They’ve setup a site to provide updates and create  to provide developers with information about their repositories.  You can read more on this here: linuxoniphone.blogspot.com

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HTC Creating Their Own OS?

Earlier this week, Cheng Hui-ming (HTC CFO) stated that HTC is currently exploring the possibility of creating its own smartphone operating system. The company could really benefit from developing their own OS, however the initial development and support time would be extremely large in regard to resources.  HTC is not planning to abandon development for Windows or Android operating systems.  Cheng declined rumors that the company may acquire Palm, but stated “there are many multiple factors to be considered…rather than […]

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