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HTC Will Provide Froyo Updates Before End of Year

Eric Lin, HTC Global PR and Online Community Manager, stated “I would believe that we would be done with our Froyo updates before Christmas” at a recent Qualcomm convention.  Although an exact time-line is still unknown, users should exercise some patience while waiting for the update.  Mr. Lin also stated that “it takes time to port all of our applications over to Froyo and then make sure that it is running well on each of our devices…We need to […]

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Motorola Selects Skyhook for Location Services

According to a recent press release, Motorola has just decided to use Skyhook, rather than Google‘s location services. The release states that Motorola will utilize Skyhook’s GPS, WiFi and cellular location in the majority of its phone models, baking Skyhook into the OS, enabling virtually every application on the device to utilize the services.  You can read more from the official release below.

Skyhook Wireless Announces First Platform Integration Of Location System On Motorola Android-Based Devices

BOSTON, MA – April 27, 2010 […]

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Android 2.2 Coming Soon

Andy Rubin, VP of Engineering at Google, stated that the upcoming Android 2.2 OS (called “Froyo”) will include Flash support in a recent interview with The New York Times. There is still no official launch date for Android 2.2, however many rumored dates are beginning to surface around the Web (sometime around May).

Devices with custom UI’s will most likely have delays in receiving the update (such as Droid Eris or Incredible), but it can be assumed that devices like the […]

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HTC Creating Their Own OS?

Earlier this week, Cheng Hui-ming (HTC CFO) stated that HTC is currently exploring the possibility of creating its own smartphone operating system. The company could really benefit from developing their own OS, however the initial development and support time would be extremely large in regard to resources.  HTC is not planning to abandon development for Windows or Android operating systems.  Cheng declined rumors that the company may acquire Palm, but stated “there are many multiple factors to be considered…rather than […]

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