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Official Froyo Update for Droid Incredible

Official Froyo Update for Droid Incredible

The official Froyo (Android 2.2) update for the Droid Incredible started rolling our on Friday, August 27th. Similar to other Verizon updates, it will be released in batches over time. So, if you were planning on rooting your phone to the latest Froyo ROM, you may want to wait for the OTA.   Visit Verizon Wireless HERE to get the update instructions.

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How to Manually Install Froyo on Moto Droid

The official Froyo (Android 2.2) upgrade is now available for Motorola Droid users.  If you can’t wait for the OTA and want your update now, follow the steps below.  (via Android Forums)

Download Froyo for the Moto Droid HERE
Save the file to the top level directory of your SD Card
Turn off your phone
While holding the X key, turn on your phone to access the bootloader
Hold volume up and press the camera button when you see the exclamation point
Choose apply sdcard:update.zip
Ignore the […]

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How to Manually Install Droid Eris MR4 Update

The new MR4 update is being leaked across the Web, however most sites offer no instructions for users on installation procedures.  If you’d rather install the update yourself, rather than waiting for the OTA, follow these simple steps to properly install the MR4 update on your Droid Eris.

Download the file HERE and rename it update.zip
Connect your Eris to your computer and mount as a disk drive
Place this file in the main directory of your SD card then shut off your […]

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Droid Eris MR4 OTA Update Released

The newest Droid Eris OTA (MR4) is now available and will be released over the next 7 days (or more) to all Eris owners.  This update is reported to fix the silent call issue, as well as many other issues. If you aren’t patient enough to wait for your OTA, you can download the file directly from Google HERE, and install it by using your Eris’ recovery menu.  Unfortunately for users that rooted their phone or are running custom ROMs, […]

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