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Microsoft Objects to Apple’s App Store Trademark

Microsoft Objects to Apple’s App Store Trademark

Microsoft recently requested the trademark application from Apple on the name “App Store” be denied by the US Patent and Trademark Office, claiming the term was too generic and that they believe competitors should be able to use the term.

Apple has not yet commented on this appeal. (via PC World)

You can read Microsoft’s filing here.

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Google Acquires Zetawire

Google Acquires Zetawire

Google acquired Zetawire, which specializes in mobile payments.  According to the 451 Group, Google acquired the firm quite some time ago, however the purchase went unnoticed until recently.  Zetawire currently owns a patent which involves a payment system, an advertising system, and an identity management system.  Sources close to the matter state that Google has a particular interest in the patent, which gives the company a competitive advantage in mobile advertising, tracking, and payments.  (via  Techcrunch)

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Oracle Files Suit Against Google

It is being reported across the Web that Oracle has filed a lawsuit against Google for the use of Java in the Android mobile operating system. Google “knowingly, directly and repeatedly infringed Oracle’s Java-related intellectual property…Google has been aware of Sun’s patent portfolio, including the patents at issue, since the middle of this decade” the suit states.  Keep posted as Google is most likely not going to back down from this and will likely drag this out for quite some […]

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HTC Files Suit Against Apple

HTC has filed suit against Apple for patent infringement today, claiming infringement on five of it’s patents.  In addition to the suit, HTC is asking the ITC to stop the importation and sale of Apple devices to include the iPad, iPhone, and iPod in the United States.  You can read more from the official release below.

Seattle – May 12, 2010 – HTC Corporation today took legal action against Apple Inc., filing a complaint with the United States International […]

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