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webOS 2.0 Coming Soon

webOS 2.0 Coming Soon

At a recent developer day in NY, Josh Marinacci stated that HP’s webOS 2.0 would be coming to all webOS devices “in the coming months.”  Checkout his presentation below.

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Palm Pixi Plus Receives webOS 1.4.5 OTA

Palm Pixi Plus Receives webOS 1.4.5 OTA

Verizon Wireless Palm Pixi Plus users are receiving an update to their webOS (1.4.5) this week.  Below is are the version details from Palm’s support site.  Users can initiate the update by selecting “system update” in their phone’s preferences.  (via Palm)

Version information

Version: webOS 1.4.5
Release date: 30 August 2010

New applications


Feature changes to existing applications


Palm Pixi and Palm Pixi Plus phones can now run 3D games and other apps developed with the webOS PDK. Check App Catalog for titles that […]

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