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Introducing Mobile Email 4.0 by Verizon

Introducing Mobile Email 4.0 by Verizon

Verizon Wireless announced an update coming to their email app, Mobile Email 4.0, earlier this month.  The application allows users to connect their regular phones (non-smartphones) to Microsoft’s Exchange, push email, and leverage an integrated contact list.  The service cost is roughly $5 per month and is only available to users who have a data plan of at least $15 per month.

Unfortunately, this software is only compatible with a handful of phones at this time.  (via Verizon)

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Facebook for Android Receives Update

Facebook for Android Receives Update

Earlier this month, Facebook updated their Android app.  Some of the more notable features include support for Facebook chat, push notifications, and various ‘bug fixes.’  Be sure to get the updated app from the Android Market today!

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Another Facebook Android Update

Facebook acknowledged that the recent update to their Android application (v1.3) contained a bug that drained device batteries.  Their release stated that “a number of you have commented on seeing a battery drain on your device since installing the new Facebook for Android app.  We have identified the bug that is causing the battery drain…as soon as the patch is ready, we will push out an update.”  Hopefully this release will be better than the last…

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AdWords Conversion Champion Challenge

In an effort to help push advertisers to optimize their conversion paths and utilize Google‘s applications, Google is launching the Conversion Champion Challenge. The contest is simple:

Track conversions on your site using one of Google’s free measurement products:

AdWords Conversion Tracking instructions
Importing goals from Google Analytics instructions

Analyze and try to improve your performance using AdWords Search Funnels and/or Conversion Optimiser
Show Google the results and share your story here

They’ll select the advertiser with the most […]

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