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Introducing the Google Databoard

Introducing the Google Databoard

Last month, Google introduced a new product called Databoard, their response to helping businesses stay up-to-date on research, insights, and data related to their industry

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Mobile’s Immediacy Effect

Mobile’s Immediacy Effect

Google & Nielsen recently teamed up to conduct research on mobile phone usage, and how marketers can capitalize on every mobile search moment.

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How to Export from Google Ad Planner into AdWords

How to Export from Google Ad Planner into AdWords

Google‘s Ad Planner is a tool that enables advertisers to research and develop media plans across millions of Websites, specifically targeted for your target audience. If you frequently use Ad Planner, and are currently manually transferring your media plan into your AdWords account as a new campaign, then checkout the video tutorial below.

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2010 Holiday Preparations

According to the Google Retail Team, it’s now time to begin preparing for the upcoming holiday season. Below are highlights from 2009 insights. (via Google)

1. 44% of shoppers already started their shopping and researching as of August last year.
2. Searches for ‘promo codes’ increased by 55% year-over-year.
3. Searches rose 20% year-over-year as consumers go online
4. Two of the top three days for online purchases were Mondays
5. Half of all new internet connections will come from mobile phones.
6. […]

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