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Android Browser Security Issue

Android Browser Security Issue

Someone has uncovered another browser security issue, which impacts all versions of Android.  This issue occurs when users download a file from their browser and it runs from the SD card, enabling an attacker to possibly download a malicious file on the SD card.  The attacker, however will not be able to exploit the root, cannot make changes, and has to know the exact file name and location on your device.

Google is aware of the issue and stated that it […]

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How to Manually Install Motorola Droid FRG22D Update

How to Manually Install Motorola Droid FRG22D Update

For those of you who still haven’t received the official Froyo OTA and cannot wait any longer, you can now manually install the update to your phone.  Just follow these simple steps and you will be running Froyo in no time.

Download FRG22D HERE, save to your SD card, and rename to “update.zip”
Restart the phone in recovery mode (hold X while turning on)
When the alert icon appears, release X
Press volume up + camera button
Select “apply update.zip” and reboot when finished

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How to Manually Install Droid Eris MR4 Update

The new MR4 update is being leaked across the Web, however most sites offer no instructions for users on installation procedures.  If you’d rather install the update yourself, rather than waiting for the OTA, follow these simple steps to properly install the MR4 update on your Droid Eris.

Download the file HERE and rename it update.zip
Connect your Eris to your computer and mount as a disk drive
Place this file in the main directory of your SD card then shut off your […]

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Temporary Fix for Incredible Browser Issues

HTC released the following statement and instructions regarding the Droid Incredible browser privacy issues.  At this time, there is no time-line on the distribution of the more permanent solution.

HTC has identified the root cause of the DROID Incredible not deleting web page thumbnails after a factory reset, and is creating an update which will eliminate this issue. This will be distributed through a software maintenance release that will be pushed to devices in the near future. […]

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