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Google Analytics & SEO

According to Matt Cutts, the head of Google‘s Webspam Team, using Google Analytics will not have a negative impact on a Website’s search ranking (now that they’ve launched the asynchronous tracking code).  Checkout the video below for more detail on this…

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Location Based Google Ads

On July 31st, Google introduced location based advertising for Android and iPhone devices.  Companies will have the ability to select a local extension for display in Adwords that will display their ads using a user’s GPS position. This feature applies to both mobile applications and mobile browsers displaying Google advertisements.  In addition, it will allow users to get maps and contact information for businesses within their current area.

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Adwords Billing Tab Receives Updates

Google released updates to the Adwords Billing Tab earlier this month, giving users more control over when and how much they’re charged. This upgrade will be released to all advertisers over the next coming months and requires no action from advertisers – the billing method and form of payment will remain the same.  Checkout the Adwords FAQ for more information.

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Search Alliance Update

Yahoo released an update earlier this month on their progress with Microsoft in the Search Alliance.  Here are some of the highlights:

Complete the transition in US and Canada before the 2010 holiday period.  If the initial deadline is unachievable, they will defer the transition until early 2011.
A window of several weeks will be provided in the late summer to allow advertisers to choose the time to initiate and complete their transitions.
A step-by-step tutorial will be provided in advertiser’s Yahoo! Search […]

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