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Five Easy Ways to Improve User Experience

Five Easy Ways to Improve User Experience

Rather than focusing time and energy on the extremely complicated ways to improve user experience (which is typically the case for most people), try a few of the simple ideas below.

1. Speed is a Key Component – Make it Faster

It is a well-known fact that page load time affects user abandonment; if your site takes too long to load, people will either go to another page or just leave.  According to Jason Fried, “Improving speed to make something 25% faster […]

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HTC Thunderbolt Update is Coming Soon

HTC Thunderbolt Update is Coming Soon

The long awaited update is finally coming to the HTC Thunderbolt. The update is reported to bring a host of fixes, including fixing the reboots. According to Verizon‘s support site, build 1.70.605.0 also includes:

Improved data connectivity
Enhanced Call History
Reduced number of device resets
Improved Bluetooth Discovery
People search function enabled

See the screenshot from Droid-Life below for more details.


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HTC Thunderbolt Sneak Peek

Droid-Life, a site with close connections at Verizon, released some photos of the HTC Thunderbold (Incredible HD or Mecha).  I’ve included a  couple of the images below – be sure to checkout their site to view all the photos.
(via Droid-Life)

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About.me Out of Beta

About.me Out of Beta

About.me, a new service that enables users to create personal profile pages is now out of beta and open to everyone.  Users create simple bios, link to various social network profiles (and other sites), and upload an image of themselves to use as the background.  Users also have access to various analytics to track their profile activity.  Create your own profile today!

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