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Sneak Peek at webOS 2.0

Sneak Peek at webOS 2.0

Screenshots of the highly anticipated webOS 2.0 are beginning to surface around the Web.  The screenshots provide a glimpse of what will be included – Dropbox, MobileMe, multiple IM account types, VPN support, Google Docs support, and much more.   Engadget has posted an entire gallery of all the screenshots – check it out here!

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Droid Eris MR4 OTA Update Released

The newest Droid Eris OTA (MR4) is now available and will be released over the next 7 days (or more) to all Eris owners.  This update is reported to fix the silent call issue, as well as many other issues. If you aren’t patient enough to wait for your OTA, you can download the file directly from Google HERE, and install it by using your Eris’ recovery menu.  Unfortunately for users that rooted their phone or are running custom ROMs, […]

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HTC Creating Their Own OS?

Earlier this week, Cheng Hui-ming (HTC CFO) stated that HTC is currently exploring the possibility of creating its own smartphone operating system. The company could really benefit from developing their own OS, however the initial development and support time would be extremely large in regard to resources.  HTC is not planning to abandon development for Windows or Android operating systems.  Cheng declined rumors that the company may acquire Palm, but stated “there are many multiple factors to be considered…rather than […]

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Droid Eris Release Date Update

I have contacted both Verizon and HTC regarding the 2.1 release date, as I have done several times in the past.  As I had anticipated, I received the same ‘no answer’ update from HTC.  They stated:

Due to marketing agreements with the US carriers we do not have information on if and when a update will be released. If a carrier request us publish this information you will hear first on our community and twitter broadcasts.

So they blamed the communication issues […]

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