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Verizon Will Carry iPad 2 at Launch

Verizon Will Carry iPad 2 at Launch

Verizon Wireless will carry the Apple iPad 2 on launch day (March 11th).  Although Verizon has not made any formal announcement, they are expected to join a number of other retailers to begin selling a 3G version of the new tablet that is compatible with it’s EV-DO network and will charge $600+ for the 16GB model.  (via Verizon Wireless)

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Droid Eris Release Date Update

I have contacted both Verizon and HTC regarding the 2.1 release date, as I have done several times in the past.  As I had anticipated, I received the same ‘no answer’ update from HTC.  They stated:

Due to marketing agreements with the US carriers we do not have information on if and when a update will be released. If a carrier request us publish this information you will hear first on our community and twitter broadcasts.

So they blamed the communication issues […]

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